One hell of a week

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Remember this presentation I gave earlier this year for the Fronteers meetup? Well, as it turned out it was a kickstart which led to this crazy week. A week where I started my new job at E-sites and experienced the 10th edition of the Fronteers Conference.

E-sites sweater & Fronteers 2017 shirt

Start of a new adventure

After working for Colours for almost 4 years I decided that it was time for something new. This week I started working for E-sites. A digital agency in Breda, The Netherlands.

Flags @ E-sites Breda office

Usually, when you join a new company, it’s the first week which is the hardest because all of the adjustments you make. But luckily Johan has put together a really awesome onboarding plan. This makes adjusting and meeting all the new people a breeze. Instead of feeling tired after each day I felt very energetic and psyched. This is a good start, and I’m very excited for the rest to come!

Fronteers conference 2017

I was lucky this week because Fronteers 2017 was around the corner. This 10th iteration of the conference was a really exciting one. Mainly because of all the inspiring talks and meeting old and new friends. But I also got to know some new colleagues from E-sites which was really awesome.

From async to *NSYNC

Just as last year the conference started with FrontCheers. This pub quiz is a really cool and fun way to get to know new people. Our knowledge of web development, Fronteers history, and boy/girl bands was really tested by Charis and Peter.

Charis and Peter rocking it on the FrontCheers stage

Our team(team “Heydon”) did crazy bad at all the questions. I think we even ended up lower than the one-man team “Jake”. But we had fun and that what it’s all about right? Although it would be really nice if we won those awesome Fronteers umbrellas because of the weather.

The conference

The conference was really informative and contained interesting talks. I especially liked the talks from Niels Leenheer, Jessica Rose, Alice Boxhall, Ashley Bischoff, Stephen Hay, Ruben van der Leun, Val Head, Monica Dinculescu and Jason Scott.

Opening slide of Fronteers Conference

Don’t panic

Niels had the honor of the Opening keynote. In his talk, he provided a great overview of standardization, competing browsers, competition and the impact this has had on the web as we know it.

Imposter Syndrome and individual competence

Jessica Rose talked about the Imposter Syndrome. This talk showed us that the human brain underestimates its own competence. And how this is amplified because of the fast-paced industry we’re working in.

Debugging Accessibility

As an accessibility advocate, I was really excited for this talk from Alice Boxhall. And she didn’t disappoint. She spoke about disability and how it’s no binary matter. She showed us ways of testing accessibility straight from the Chrome dev tools. I hadn’t seen this before so it was very enlightening to see these tools emerge.

1Up Your writing with plain language

At the hand of Tetris blocks, Ashley Bischoff showed us how to write understandable texts. The Tetris analogy worked really well and clearly showed how we could simplify our often hard to read documents. As I’m writing this blog post I hope I’ve learned some things.

A ghost story of CSS

Stephen Hay talked about all the hacks we all used in the past and how the landscape has changed for the good. He also talked about the constant backlash everyone gets in the community for picking a Stack. Stephen Hay put it very clearly:

Stop being little children and just get your work done

Possibilities of WebVR and its role in the future

This was a very bold talk. Ruben van der Leun explained how to make WebVR with aFrame… from inside his reveal.js presentation… live… and 550 people watching through a web interface and a cardboard.

This was awesome and very inspiring. I constantly thought: “I’m going to let the kids play with this!”.

Choose your animation adventure

Val Head explored the world of animation. Literally. She showed us an image of all the “Islands” of animation: CSS, JavaScript & SVG. She explored the use cases, dos, and don’ts of each technique.

Emoji, Web Components, and Art

Web Components are my cup of tea. I really like component-based design. So it is no surprise I was excited about this talk. Monica Dinculescu delivered in all sorts of ways. Not only did she talk about how you would make use of Web Components. But she also presented everything with crazy examples who all included some form of Emoji.

The end

Literally, it was the end of the conference. But Jason Scott also reminded everyone that everything ends at some point in time. This is why he works at the Internet Archive. The Internet Archive has indexes of old websites, music, games, offline manuals. Basically, they try to save everything so nothing gets lost with the tooth of time.

This week was awesome

At the end of the Fronteers conference, I felt tired. But the sole reason for that is the fact that I’ve slept in a shady hotel for two days. Trying to sleep above an Amsterdam coffee shop and a club is never a great plan.

But when I came home Friday night I felt enlightened, energetic and I felt the drive to start again on Monday. I’m triggered to help E-sites achieve their goals. I’m triggered to set some new goals for myself. I’m triggered to help people reach their goals on the web. All in all:

One hell of a week!

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