About me

I’m Bram Smulders, a front-end developer from Tilburg, the Netherlands. With a strong focus on accessibility & progressive enhancement I wire up HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript into rich online experiences.

I’ve been contributing to the web for around 10 years and worked with many different companies. These include agencies like Colours, Freshheads and clients like Eneco, KNVB, Quinny, New Heroes & Emerce.

I maintain some repositories on GitHub and I’ve created Blocss(‘Blocks’), a small but powerfull css framework designed specially for serious developers.

Currently I’m employed as Senior Front-End developer at Colours where I’m responsible for a versatile, cross-country and awesome development team.

In the moments where I’m not working I love to spend time with my lovely girlfriend Saskia, my 2 kids and my family and friends. The local cinema is treating me like one of the regulars. Occasionally I go for a run around the beautifull dutch countryside.


  • Designing and creating websites
  • Accessible code
  • Responsive design
  • HTML5
  • CSS3 (Sass & Less)
  • Javascript; ES2015(ES6), ES5
  • JS frameworks & toolkits like jQuery & React
  • Build tools like Gulp, NPM scripts & grunt
  • Methods like scrum, Jira, TargetProcess, Git
  • A tiny bit of experience in PHP & .Net