About me

I’m Bram Smulders, a front-end developer from Tilburg, the Netherlands. With a strong focus on accessibility & progressive enhancement I wire up HTML, CSS and JavaScript into rich online experiences.

I’ve been contributing to the web for around 11 years and worked with many different companies. These include agencies like E-sites, Colours, Freshheads and clients like Eneco, KNVB, Quinny, New Heroes & Emerce.

I maintain some repositories on GitHub and I’ve created Supple. It is a small but powerfull CSS framework designed specially with the latest browsers in mind.

Currently I’m employed as Senior Front-End developer at E-sites’s Health team. We create innovative solutions for care institutions, patients, pharmaceuticals, suppliers and governments.

In the moments where I’m not working I love to spend time with my lovely girlfriend Saskia, my 2 kids and my family and friends. The local cinema is treating me like one of the regulars. Occasionally I go for a run around the beautiful dutch countryside.


  • Designing and creating websites
  • Accessible code
  • Responsive design
  • HTML
  • CSS (Including Sass & Less)
  • Javascript
  • Javascript frameworks & toolkits like React & Vue.js
  • Build tools like Webpack, Gulp, NPM scripts
  • Methods like scrum, Jira, TargetProcess, Git
  • A tiny bit of experience in PHP & .Net